Take Me Out

The Etiquette of Treating A Mistress

I love to be taken out and I love being spoiled and made to feel special even more….cocktail bars, good food, great wine and a good conversation, but I am always amazed at how hard my slaves make it and even my favourite and best slaves often fail! I don’t tolerate rudeness, bad manners, poor behaviour, a lack of courtesy and not to mention a poorly dressed man! Even though I’ve become friendly with many of my clients over the years, they still need to remember that I’m a Mistress first and foremost, which comes with an expectation of the very highest standards if we venture out together beyond the dungeon!

You don’t have to be rich, famous or powerful (although it sometimes helps!) but I expect you to be witty, charming, funny, amusing, confident and a perfect companion; whether going out shopping, having a coffee, taking tea or spending an evening together.

Essentially, you’ll have to work as hard as you do in the dungeon to please me as you do when you’re allowed to accompany me outside it….it’s not a walk in the park! Don’t let this put you off as it’s quite easy really; make me feel like I’m the centre of your universe and give me you full and undivided attention, like all good gentlemen should do and we’re going to have an amazing time

We can have fun, but don’t cross the line ….being overly familiar will have consequences, especially when we return to the dungeon….


The Lost Art of Being A Gentleman

Being a gentlemen is mostly about common sense, good behaviour and consideration for others….putting others before yourself and considering the impact of what you say and do and how this might, if you are lucky enough to take me out, to cause offence to me or my feelings.

“If a man is a gentleman, he knows quite enough, and if he is not a gentleman, whatever he knows is bad for him”
Oscar Wilde

Country Life, the essential lifestyle magazine of the well-heeled and well-mannered, suggests that the following are attributes of the perfect gentleman and companion and I have to say these are the ones that you need to remember to keep your Mistress happy; being a gentleman is never old fashioned:

• Has impeccable time keeping – on time means 5 minutes early
• Is not a vegetarian – I’m French and I just don’t get being a veggie!
• Turns a mobile phone off when dining or drinking and doesn’t look at it
• Sandals – never!
• Never blow dries his hair mmmm….and gel….I’m not going there!
• Has a sense of modesty – alpha males can be soooo boring
• Swats flies, rescues spiders and protects the weak
• Can cook his own food – not just order a Dominos!
• Listens more than they talk
• Never kisses and tells – what happens on our evening stays between us
• Stands when you leave and enter a room
• Knows how to handle and waiter and offers to pay
• Doesn’t wear brightly coloured socks and polishes their shoes
• Holds the door open for me and others
• Shoes maketh the man….and can break him….and spoil our date!
• Personal Hygiene – Do I need to say anything?….really?
• Doesn’t read the Daily Mail!
• Cleans their car before allowing me near or in it…if you’re driving

Perhaps most importantly, be honest, authentic, have a sense of integrity and a love of life and a passion for living it – it’s really what I look for in all the people I meet

Restaurants & Bars

I’m French….just thought I would say it!…just in case you hadn’t realized  I love it when I’m taken out by someone that really appreciates food and all it’s qualities.  The restaurant or bar doesn’t have to be expensive, but I do expect you to have done your homework!  I’m the daughter of a very well known French pâtissier and I am infamous with my friends as I can be quite demanding.

I love interesting, quirky, intimate, unusual venues and of course it goes without saying, good food and impeccable service.  Just so you’re warned, I take my food seriously and if it isn’t up to scratch or the service is poor, I will create a scandal and you’ll soon know that I’m not pleased…..

Before I forget, I’m not a ‘big is beautiful’ type of diner; the American style of dining is not one of my favourites.  ‘Good value’  or seeing your plate piled high with food doesn’t impress me, but quality food, well cooked and excellently presented can get Mistress very excited indeed!  I love it when my companion is knowledgeable about food, fine dining and wine….something I can talk about all night.

A Shopping Adventure!

What is it that your Mistress likes?  Take time to get to know me in our conversations; I’ve left a few clues in my Wish List, but the real trick is to take time to learn some of the unusual things about me, like the fact that I love restoring classic and vintage cars, I love DIY and have worked in the fashion and film industry.  I’m not you’re typical Mistress; I’m full of surprises and there are parts of me that will come as a real surprise.  My best slaves know and take an interest in the small but important things in my life and go to the ends of the earth to find that extra special something for me

I love shopping, even food shopping; I love vintage shops full of strange, old and classic items, hidden away in the back streets.  Of course I love my shoe shopping and if we go shopping together no trip would be complete without a visit to see a pair of LVs or Louboutins!

Do your research, show me the shops that you love that no one knows about and are full of treasure and custom made items you can’t find anywhere else.  Spoil your Mistress and take me on a mystery shopping trip.

My perfect day out is a ménage of shopping, fine dining and cocktails to finish the day off….where will you take me?….it better be good!!