First timer

Some very simple advice…

We’re here to have fun
Be honest with me
Set your limits (it’s not a competition)
Our sessions are adventures – enjoy!

Many of my client first come to BDSM when vanilla options have been exhausted……curiosity often gets the better of them and start to seek new adventure! A lot of my clients new to BDSM have very specific ideas of what BDSM is about, when actually it ranges like music, from punk rock to classical with all tastes and kinks catered for in between… from both a sadistic and masochistic perspective.

I love newbies and their innocence; no preconceptions (or not usually very many), no bad habits (at least for long!)….and so much easier to train so they behave just the way I like them. Unlike many very strict dominatrices, in all my sessions I like to have fun, humour and great conversation with my clients. That’s why I call myself the Smiling Sadist! My dungeon is their play space…time for adults to have fun that perhaps they can’t explore anywhere else or maybe where they can share secret parts and desires that they can’t share with anyone else in the world.

I’m a brilliant secret keeper…there’s no fetish that I don’t know about, so its amazing when my clients share their deepest secrets with me and for them there is an enormous element of therapy involved when they can express these desires, often for the first time – hihi!

The best thing I can say to new clients, is just be honest! You’ll get far more from our session by being honest rather than trying to be something that you’re not. Being honest allows us to journey together and explore and travel beyond your boundaries and experience exquisite feelings that perhaps you may not have experienced before.

Do Your Homework

Everyone has their kinks and fetishes that turn them on the most, BUT… not every Dominatrix caters for every kink and fetish! Easy to understand but often very hard for new clients to get their head round ☺

I’m a balls fetishist, but if you really want to find out about what I like and what I don’t check out my specialities (including what I don’t do) by clicking on this link – Mistress Nikky French’s Services.

You would be amazed how many clients ring me up for the first time and haven’t taken the time to ready about me! That’s a really quick way to get in my bad books… and not to mention that it’s just a bit rude…☹

For advice on approaching a mistress for the first time, there is a link to a great article on my website you can read written by one of my slaves – Approaching A Dominatrix –

Our First Session

I like to keep the first session to an hour and take things slowly and for the first part it is about having a conversation about what makes you tick and what kinks and fetishes you have to understand where your boundaries lie.

Newbies rapidly realize that BDSM is not just about whips and chains!!

What I ask of all newbies (and all new clients) is to complete my contact form that lets me know about you in advance of our first session together.

This might sound strange but many newbies think that being clean means having a shower the night before!

Well let me tell you….that’s not clean ☹ You need to be clean inside and out. Not being clean will not get our session off to a good start, apart from being disrespectful.

To avoid disappointment and to make your first session really enjoyable, don’t expect to come with a script and think you can direct me! I just need to know about your kinks and how would might like to explore them… in any case, I’ve got an amazing imagination that will take you way past your well prepared scene you’ve written out….

You are welcome to call me with do discuss your first session. My contact details can be found by clicking on this link: Contact Mistress Nikky French