Top 5 Favourite

Slaves During Coronavirus

1 – ParisM
2 – Dubaiworship
3 – Olivier
4 – Dandy
5 – Frenchsoumis

I am always asked by my slaves and submissives if I am pleased with their behavior and how well they are serving their Mistress! Well….I have very high standards and expect a lot from those who serve me. So many subs get too familiar after sessioning with for some time or after buying me a gift. They simply forget their place and overstep the line ☹ Very quickly you will find yourselves out of favour and begging for my attention!

Tip for My Favourite Slaves

My favour is hard won and very (very) easily lost – if you’re not on your best behaviour, treat me with the greatest respect and show complete obedience at all times, it will be a very fast track to sin bin and you could find it impossible to be in my good books again.

How to Become My Favourite Slave?

Well……where do I start… prepared for hard work…..a lot of hard work. Being nice or helping occasionally really doesn’t cut the mustard! Consistency, dedication, devotion and obedience is what I look for and not to mention you have to be charming, witty, helpful, courteous, entertaining, polite and utterly devoted ☺
If you know how to be a gentleman you’re almost half way there already.

Perhaps most of all I look for loyalty….a slave I can depend on, ask for help and will generally treat me like a Mistress should be. I am here for your pleasure and not the other way round….you need to remember this little thing.

A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude

Oscar Wilde

I’m not easily impressed and very quickly disappointed; you’ll soon discover my French sense of disapproval and my English sense of discipline, but if you follow my simple rules, then you will enjoy my attention and favour that will excite, captivate, mesmerize and hypnotise you….you’ll be utterly under my spell….and my control (of course!)

The ‘D for discipline’ in BDSM doesn’t just mean discipline in the dungeon… means discipline out of it as well….at all times when you are in my company, on the phone and texting, writing or emailing me. Never forget this.

If you’re looking for some additional tips, then read this article on “What Makes a Good Slave?”

How Will I Know If I’m A Favourite Slave?

I always like to make things simple…especially for men….my home page has a Twitter feed which shows ‘My Favourite Slaves’

It’s my way of recognizing those slaves who are the most important in my life and a way of saying Merci! If you would like to start on your journey to being one of my Favourite Slaves, perhaps you would like to consider a gift for your Mistress (hihi) – Mistress Nikky French’s Wishlist