Foot & Heel Fetish

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What Is It About My Feet & Heels?

Before becoming a Professional Dominatrix, I never imagined that my cute size 4 (37 in Euro) would drive my clients wild! ….and I never thought that clients would want to worship them….but they do….and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing better than a slave, who will fully submit to me on their knees or crawl and beg to worship and adore my feet and heels… taste and savour the delicious aroma of my nylons and to suck my heels, especially when I’m wearing my Louboutins!…..or if you’re one of my favourite slaves, I may reward you with my LVs….but you’ll have to work for that (hi hi). Once you’ve been hypnotized by my feet and heels, you are mine to do what ever I want with, and your cocaine-like addiction will have begun…..

“My feet and heels are like cocaine – taste them once and you’re addicted”

Maitresse Nikky French

Feet & Heel Connoiseurs

Some of my clients are real foot and heel connoisseurs and appreciate my carefully manicured and painted toes, dressed in nylons in amazing heels; the red soles of Louboutins almost overwhelm them! They love my amazing collection of lingerie and vintage nylons, delicious collection of heels and boots. They can almost not control themselves…..and many don’t! ☺

The Touch of My Nylons

The touch of my nylons on my client skin make them feel like electricity is running through their body….too much and they lose control…but just the right touch and I have them in the palm of my hands…to use, to abuse, to tease and to mesmerize and of course to dominate them and have them just as I like them…..worshipping and submitting to my every wish!

The Thrill of the Chase – It’s My Fetish Too!

There are some psychologists that have suggested that shoe shopping is just part of our primitive instincts….the thrill of the chase (as I hunt for the perfect set of heels), the rush of dopamine as I go for the kill (I get out your cash…or better still, my slave gets out his cash!!) and the satisfaction as Mistress tastes her prey…(I slip your feet into those perfect heels)….it’s hypnotic, it’s addictive and it’s my secret fetish and my confession to you!!