Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

I’m A Balls & CBT Fetishist!

As a Mistress with a reputation as the Smiling Sadist, one of my favourite things in the world of BDSM is CBT; there is nothing quite like the look on a submissive’s face as I slowly clench my hand crush his balls……the power, the control….I love a man that I can dominate….and the power, as always in (literally) in my hands! Taking control of a subs cock and balls is like taking the essence of him….mind, body and spirit!!

I love a subs balls….they’re my little stress balls!!”

Mistress Nikky French

In a BDSM sense CBT creates a threat to a man’s identity; normally focused between his legs. (men are so primitive – hi hi) In my sessions, I love to create a erotic tension and drama from the feeling or threat of danger with my large collection of delicious and fiendish tools and the occasional suggestion of relief… keeps a subs mind focused and ready to obey my every command!

Erotic Pain…The Thrill of the Chase

Many of my clients when they first come to me think that the whole idea of CBT sounds scary, yet others are curious; and that’s where the fun starts and the journey begins..

Torture is, the ‘T’ in CBT has a huge range of meanings; it can range from a light ‘tie an tease’ all the way to ball crushing and ball busting….and beyond. The secret from the Professional Dominatrix’s side is to create that perfect mix of pleasure…..the tease…with gradual and increasing levels of pain. Even newbies find that they are amazed at how one feeds the other; the humiliation and the pain and your ability to stand it is fed by the endorphin rush of the pleasure until, even some beginners cannot tell the difference between the two, finding that they will be begging me to step way beyond previously agreed boundaries….the endorphin rush and sub-space when you’ve reached this level under my expert hand will be pleasure like you’ve never experienced before!

The best bit about CBT is that some of my clients say that it is the ultimate way to release tension….the perfect way to relax after a busy day at the office!! (hi hi)

You can read more about CBT in a blog I recently wrote called ‘CBT – The Pain, The Pleasure & Ecstasy’

A CBT Adventure!

There’s a whole range of imaginative techniques to tease and torture (within your limits) my subs. I’m an expert in them all. My ‘A La Carte’’ menu allows you to choose from tie & tease (cock bondage), ball stretching, the Humber (one of my favourites), the Wartenberg pinwheel (mmmm…I think this may be my favourite!), urethral sounding, E-Stim….and not forgetting ball crushing and ball busting….and more……

Whether you’re a CBT newbie or a connoisseur I will lead you to a place that you’ve never been taken to before with CBT or dreamt you could reach. I’ll keep you guessing so that you don’t know what’s coming and where it’s coming from….and those who’ve sessioned with me before will tell you that my smile and my playfulness is perhaps my most wicked way of keeping you on your toes…you just never know what I have planned for you…☺

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