I absolutely love travelling and regularly visit Geneva, Hong Kong and Singapore. I am also planning visits in the next year to Las Vegas and Dubai.  If my calendar shows that I am working from Bristol but you would like me to visit you in a specific location, as long as you give me at least two weeks notice, I will usually be able to accommodate you…..as long as you are prepared to pay for my travel expenses including my accommodation in a good hotel that I will specify.


Other options can include overnight in my dungeon in Bristol, which is becoming very popular.

Wherever I am based or working from, I ensure that there is the utmost privacy and discretion; for that reason, I don’t ever publish the specific location details until you have confirmed you booking (if you are already known to me) or paid your 50% deposit if I don’t know you and you have sessioned before.

When you come to see me, it is essential that you are discreet and don’t ask anyone for directions. If you are lost or can’t find me, then call me on my mobile (see ‘Contact’ details on the menu)

Throughout the year, I will often have Double Domme sessions with my favourite Mistresses, so make sure you check my news and calendar regularly, so you don’t miss anything.