Mistress Nikky French

I’ve not always been a Dominatrix but I’ve always been an alpha female….!

I’ve always loved being in control of my life and those around me. I’m independent, intuitive (I know you more than you know yourself and what you want) and speak my mind.

You’ll love me or hate me but you’ll never sit on the fence with me and you’ll always know where you are because I’ll tell you. If you serve me well you’ll be rewarded and if you cross the line you’ll soon find out why I’m called the Smiling Sadist….for good reason!!

I have a wicked and devilish sense of humour both in and outside the dungeon. You’ll always need to be on your toes, never quite knowing how I’ll be….an enigma and unpredictable at the same time. Your heart will race, your pulse will quicken and I’ll make me your addiction. You’ll be hypnotized by a style of BDSM you won’t find with any other Mistresses.

Don’t expect a cold, cruel Mistress because that simply isn’t my style. I know what I want and what I don’t and you’ll soon know that after your first session.


Having fun in my dungeon doesn’t mean it will be easier for you….it just means that you’ll never know what is coming and when you’re going to get it!

You are here to please me, my desires and my fantasies! I love to feel the power and domination over my slaves knowing I control both the pleasure and pain and how it is administered……power…..it’s my aphrodisiac, my drug and make no mistake you’ll feel my power and I’ll haunt you beyond my dungeon.

I love working with my slaves; male, female and couples and even mixing things up……I’ll make you live your fantasies and beyond, but don’t think you can give me a script about how you want to session. My dungeon is my stage not yours! You can give me some ingredients, the kinks and fetishes you’re into but how this will be delivered and the intrigue and dialogue in the session will be mine to control alone.

I don’t like to give long lists about what I do or don’t do, but all I let you know is what my specialties are. I will cater for all kinks and fetishes apart from those areas under ‘What I Don’t Do” under any circumstances.

I will tease, I will tempt, I will torture (nicely!), I will entice, I will beguile, I will bewitch, I will enchant, I will hypnotise, I will seduce, I will intrigue, I will tempt you, I will own you…and there’s no turning back!

Maitresse Nikky French

My Specialities


  • – Specialist foot fetish, My feet are to die for.
  • – Anal play, Prostate massage, love to give men pleasure
  • – Smell Fetish Play, Sweat, pee, spit
  • – CBT
  • Sissy & Whore Training (inc. forced-bi)

What I Don’t Do

(And Don’t Ask!)

  • Hardsport
  • Kissing
  • Anything remotely connected with animals or children
  • Non-consensual play of any description

My Clients

I don’t have a typical client.  My clients come from all walks of life, sexualities, abilities, backgrounds and cultures.  But…..all my clients are gentlemen first and foremost and know how to respect, revere, worship and appreciate female power and domination.

If you are rude, familiar (don’t call me mate, honey, love, buddy and don’t formally address me) or just plain ignorant and not to mention unclean you’ll not last long.

I love to connect with my clients and develop a rapport and understanding over several sessions rather than just one off visits, although some clients just want to have a session to experience BDSM just once!  As a Pro Domme I will make your experience in my dungeon a life changing one……..

Mistress Nikky French