Double Session

My Submissive Pet

She is my adorable rescue.. saved from the hands of pervs..

5’1 petite school girl figure with cute pert peirced breasts,fully tattooed with a full peachy booty handed down from her beautiful spanish grandmother…. (she loves a good spanking and your hot warm cum dripping down those cheeks…) She has the most beautiful pussy that make your mouth water and balls tighten like the speed of light-and a tight little pussy hole with a firm clench that could break a giraffes neck.

She comes with fully equipped mouth skills and a unique tongue to reach all those crooks and crannies,she loves to be petted and rubbed all over,nothings too much trouble… I have transformed her into the perfect submissive pet… She was trained to obey my orders only! So you must not interrupt her without my permission first….

Training was difficult to begin with as she was quite feral when I rescued her,but with my hard work, love and professional skills she has transformed into a perfectly domesticated sub,for you all to play with.

She enjoys-

  • Light to medium spanking (with the object of your choice)
  • Led around and chained to the wall by her lead
  • Sucking cock and balls
  • Forplay both ways
  • Intercourse no anal
  • Rimming (recieving)
  • Oral on her
  • Strap on ( both ways not anally)
  • French kissing
  • Cum on body (from the neck down)
  •  Anal play on you