Latex & Leather

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Why The Obsession?

Scientists describe latex and leather as a ‘paraphilia’….a mental disorder such an simple terms a fetish ☺ Well what does Mistress say about this? I love obsessions and all your fetishes; particularly when you’re obsessed about me and even more if I’m wearing latex and leather (hi hi)

If my client’s had two favourite fetishes, one would be feet and heels and the other….a very close second would be latex and leather. Wearing latex and leather just screams feminine power and domination….and of course sex…just the way I like things. Wearing my latex and leather, especially if I wear my heels and stockings and heels with my outfits, reduces most of my clients to mush!….unable to speak, their brains scrambled and powerless to resist or refuse anything I ask of them or willing to accept anything I want to do to them

The World of Leather & Latex Love


I love the latex fetishism as it’s a real visual fetish; to my clients, I look intimidating, powerful, untouchable….and almost superhuman and unreal; oh….and of course I look hot!! This automatically makes them feel submissive, so our sessions begin from first sight; a bit like love (hi hi)

And then there is the scent and sound of latex, the sound that my latex lovers know all too well. The slap and spank of my hand on my latex drives my clients wild, made even more erotic when they are allowed…very occasionally to worship my latex encased body mmmmm.

A lot of my clients with latex fetishes don’t just want me to wear latex but also want to indulge themselves, from mummification, heavy rubber bondage and breath-play and rubberdolling and rubber suit fetishism, I love it all; once you’ve fallen in love with latex there’s no going back as I’ve found out myself…..I have a whole room dedicated to my passion, my addiction and my love of this amazing material.


There is nothing quite like the feel of a second skin against your skin….it’s primitive and it taps into our deepest carnal desires…including mine! May be it is hardwired into our brains from caveman days, but either way, it sets most peoples hearts racing when you wear a leather outfit! Leather is an amazing material, it totally transforms whoever is wearing it ☺

Many people in the vanilla world associate leather with the BDSM scene….and they’re right; leather has sex and power written all over it. BDSM would be almost boring without leather and leather clothing; it’s dark, it’s powerful, dominating and empowering and essential for BDSM play. It immediately takes my slaves into a submissive state when I put the restraints on, but on my side, wearing leather is a statement of power and domination and it always makes sure I’m in total control in my sessions. It also adds that extra dimension to my sessions; the touch, the feel and smell of leather and nylons are essential ingredients for the sensory elements of BDSM play, especially in the way that I use them….BDSM with a twist! ☺

Mistress’s Favourite Latex & Leather

Want to be one of my favourite slaves?…buy me some leather or latex from my Wishlist  or go the extra mile and adopt one of my shoe bills and indulge both your fetish and mine ☺

Further Reading

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